The Finals Players Voice Frustrations Over Lengthy Battle Pass Grind

In just 15 days since its launch, The Finals has captivated the gaming community, boasting an impressive 10 million players. However, not all is smooth sailing for this free-to-play shooter, as players grapple with the demanding grind of its Season 1 Battle Pass, which runs until March 12.

The Battle Pass, consisting of a whopping 96 levels, offers cosmetic rewards and in-game currency. Yet, players have been expressing their discontent on The Finals subreddit, highlighting the arduous nature of the progression system. It takes players an average of an hour or more to advance just one level, translating to a significant time investment of around 100 hours to complete the entire pass.

Additionally, a Redditor delved into the numbers, estimating that conquering The Finals Battle Pass requires an investment equivalent to 59 days’ worth of challenges. The Redditor remarked, “I crunched the numbers and it turns out it will take you around 344 daily and weekly challenges to complete the battle pass, which… is quite a lot!” In their detailed analysis, they expressed love for the game but criticized the slow Battle Pass progression, emphasizing the challenge-heavy nature that poses difficulties for newcomers or those with limited time. This sentiment resonates with the wider gaming community, sparking a controversial discussion on the demanding nature of modern Battle Pass systems.

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Another frustrated player, CBTNotTheGameKind, exclaimed, “I don’t see how this is sustainable for the game. Battle passes do not take this long in any of the big games anymore.” The absence of carry-over for weekly challenges has exacerbated the issue, leading some to label it as “impossible to finish” unless players commit an extensive amount of time.

The call for change is gaining momentum, with players suggesting that The Finals adopt a more manageable Battle Pass system akin to popular titles such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Halo.

While some players appreciate the value for money in extended playtime, others like kmach1ne argue that Battle Passes requiring over 100 hours are “not realistic” and shouldn’t become the norm.

The Finals, celebrated for its dynamic gameplay and explosive launch, faces criticism not for its core mechanics but for the demanding Battle Pass progression. As players navigate the three-month season, concerns linger about the game feeling more like an obligation than a source of enjoyment.

With the gaming community seeking a balance between rewarding player commitment and avoiding excessive time demands, the future of The Finals may hinge on the developers’ response to these vocal concerns. As the industry grapples with the Battle Pass dilemma, finding the right formula is crucial for the long-term success of live-service multiplayer games like The Finals.

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The Finals immerses players in a virtual combat game show, inspired by elements from The Hunger Games and Gladiator (2000). In the primary mode, “Cashout,” teams of three compete to complete objectives, including vault openings and transporting valuables to a designated “cash-out” point. The winner is determined by the team with the most accumulated money, earned through various in-game activities like eliminations, objective completion, and combat maneuvers. Players select characters based on a “Light,” “Medium,” or “Heavy” scale, each with distinct attributes, weapons, and abilities. The game promotes emergent gameplay through modifiable terrain, dynamic weather conditions, and destructible structures. Additionally, defeated players can be revived by teammates or choose to respawn using “Respawn Coins” in tournament modes, adding strategic depth to the virtual battlefield.

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