Something I am asked rather often. Twitch is a live streaming platform where content creators like me broadcast themselves playing games, creating art, or engaging with viewers in real-time. Think of it like a TV or a radio show but live and engaging to viewers. You send a message to the chat, I can read it, react, and respond to it in real time.
Currently, I stream every Monday & Wednesday starting at 8pm EST. If times change, I will post on my Discord server called The Land of Miracles.
The best way to be apart of the community is to join our Discord server. You can join by clicking the Official Land of Miracles Discord Server link. It’s a great way to stay connected with not only me but hundreds of others!
I appreciate your interest, but please ask for permission and credit me if you plan to use my content. It’s important to respect content creators’ work. You can contact me via email: contact@koreymiracle.com
“TTV” at the end of a player’s name stands for “Twitch TV” or “Twitch Television.” It’s a common way for Twitch streamers to promote their Twitch channels while playing video games or participating in online gaming communities. When you see a player with “TTV” in their name, it’s an invitation for others to visit their Twitch channel and watch their live streams or check out their content. It’s a form of self-promotion within the gaming community.
I earn income through a combination of ads, subscriptions, donations, and sponsored content. Your support plays a vital role in keeping the channel running!
You can support me by following my channel, subscribing (if you’re able), donating, or simply spreading the word about my streams to friends.
Yes, I have merchandise! You can find it on my online KoreyMiracle Shop, where I have shirts, hoodies, and much more!
Yes, I’m always looking to grow and improve! I have plans for more exciting content, collaborations, and community events. Stay tuned for updates!
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