Starfield Modding Community Flourishes: Over 100 Mods Within 24 Hours of Early Access

In the world of gaming, Bethesda’s reputation for crafting expansive RPGs is legendary. Equally legendary is the modding community that surrounds these games, tirelessly working to enhance and expand upon Bethesda’s creations. Bethesda’s RPGs have always been highly moddable, a vital lifeline for players who seek to fine-tune their gaming experience. This tradition continues with the release of “Starfield.”

“Starfield” made waves as it entered its five-day early access period, and it seems the modders were ready and waiting. Less than 24 hours after the game’s early access launch, an astonishing array of over 100 mods are already available for download.

Courtesy of Bethesda.

The modding community’s dedication is awe-inspiring. Beyond the obligatory bug fixes and performance optimization, modders have been laboring around the clock to introduce new quests, exotic locations, powerful weaponry, stylish gear, and memorable characters into “Starfield.” This impressive endeavor mirrors the past, where Bethesda’s RPGs received immense contributions from the industrious and creative modding community.

To put things into perspective, “Skyrim Special Edition” boasts a staggering 60,000 mods, while “Fallout 4” boasts nearly 50,000 mods. These mods have collectively been downloaded billions of times, demonstrating the immense impact and popularity of modding within the Bethesda gaming ecosystem.

Courtesy of Bethesda.

With “Starfield” now in the mix, it’s no surprise that the modding community has quickly risen to the occasion. While it’s still early days for “Starfield” modding, enthusiasts can already enjoy an assortment of mods that cater to various preferences:

  1. Starfield Upscaler: A transformative mod that swaps FSR for DLSS, crafted by the talented modder PureDark, who also delivered a similar enhancement for “Fallout 4.”
  2. Cleanfield: This mod streamlines your gaming experience by eliminating introductory videos and the message of the day, ensuring a faster start and a visually pleasing main menu.
  3. Move or Disable XP Bar: A solution to the XP meter obstructing your crosshairs – a common player gripe. This mod rectifies the issue, though it requires a minor .ini tweak to function optimally.
  4. Achievement Enabler: A boon for those who enjoy both mods and achievements, as it reenables achievements while using mods.
  5. Dualsense PS5 Icons: Tailored for PlayStation controller users, this mod ensures that on-screen icons seamlessly match your controller buttons.

Courtesy of Bethesda.

As the “Starfield” modding community blossoms, we will continue to keep a watchful eye on daily developments. If you stumble upon any remarkable mods that you believe deserve the spotlight, please don’t hesitate to share them with fellow players by dropping us a line in the comments below. The universe of “Starfield” is expanding, and modders are leading the charge!


“Starfield” is an action RPG by Bethesda, set in space and releasing on September 6, 2023. It’s received positive reviews for gameplay, visuals, and technical improvements. Players explore a galaxy with 1,000+ planets, encountering NPCs who can join their crew.

Character customization and skills are key, with various weapons, jetpacks, and gravity effects. Resource scanning, outpost construction, and ship customization are vital for survival.

“Starfield” offers a rich, diverse universe for players to enjoy.

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