Starfield Early Access Release Sparks Debate Over Character Customization

In a matter of just a few days since Bethesda granted gamers early access to their highly-anticipated space exploration epic, Starfield, the game has become a lightning rod for controversy and heated debates among gaming enthusiasts.

Starfield, the eagerly awaited role-playing game (RPG), made its pre-release debut on Friday, September 1st, and has received generally positive reviews from players and critics alike. However, true to the age-old adage that “you can’t please everyone,” a vocal faction within the gaming community, often referred to as the ‘anti-woke’ contingent, has taken exception to certain aspects of the game.

One point of contention that quickly erupted was the revelation that players had the option to select their character’s pronouns, triggering a strong backlash from a segment of gamers who perceive this as an example of excessive political correctness.

Courtesy of Bethesda.

Another source of controversy emerged when a player, known as “The Gaming Christian,” voiced vehement objections after discovering that their male-identifying character had the option to engage in romantic interactions with a male non-playable character (NPC) within the game.

Taking to Twitter, The Gaming Christian expressed their disapproval, stating, “Gross. You can flirt with Sam Coe in Starfield. This is fine if you’re a woman, but I always play as myself in a game. This goes against the story, as Sam is a straight guy, just like yours truly. So why is the option there for males?”

In response to the ensuing outrage, other players were quick to point out that the essence of the game lies in its freedom of choice, much like in real life. One user offered a straightforward piece of advice, “If you don’t like it, then don’t play the game.”

Another reasoned, “Because some people are gay? Lmao, just don’t choose that storyline. No one is forcing you to.”

A third user patiently explained, “As a heterosexual, you also have the option to flirt with the guys out there, dude. You just decided not to take it because it wouldn’t work [for] you.”

Courtesy of Bethesda.

The Gaming Christian engaged in a series of rebuttals until actor Elias Toufexis, who provides the voice for the character Sam Coe, intervened in the conversation, offering a decisive revelation, “Actually, I played Sam as bisexual.”

This revelation appeared to bring the discourse to a halt, but the controversy didn’t end there.

A group of more extreme gamers has gone as far as to demand refunds, citing their dissatisfaction with Starfield’s introduction of character pronoun selection.


“Starfield” is an action RPG by Bethesda, set in space and releasing on September 6, 2023. It’s received positive reviews for gameplay, visuals, and technical improvements. Players explore a galaxy with 1,000+ planets, encountering NPCs who can join their crew.

Character customization and skills are key, with various weapons, jetpacks, and gravity effects. Resource scanning, outpost construction, and ship customization are vital for survival.

“Starfield” offers a rich, diverse universe for players to enjoy.

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