Sony Faces Backlash as PlayStation Plus Prices Skyrocket

Sony, a company once infamous for its past arrogance, is now under scrutiny for a series of controversial decisions that have left consumers questioning the value of its services.

In a surprising move, Sony’s PlayStation Portal, a device with an intriguing price point, has decided to abandon Bluetooth audio in favor of Sony’s proprietary standard. This decision forces users to purchase Sony earbuds or headsets for wireless audio, a move that appears out of touch with the market, especially when Apple continues to embrace Bluetooth for its AirPods.

The real shocker came when Sony announced significant price hikes for all PlayStation Plus subscription tiers, with a staggering 33% increase. The base tier’s annual cost will rise from $60 to $80, while the premium tier will skyrocket to $160. Sony provided no justification for these price hikes, leaving consumers baffled and frustrated.

Courtesy of Sony.

In contrast, Microsoft was able to justify a 10% price increase for its Game Pass subscription due to its extensive library and evolving offerings. However, Sony’s PlayStation Plus service falls short in comparison, offering little beyond essential console services and a lackluster selection of retro games, making the price increase hard to digest.

These price hikes suggest that Sony’s subscription offerings may be facing financial challenges, affecting both consumers and publishers. Sony aims to extract more revenue from consumers while potentially reducing payouts to publishers, raising concerns about the sustainability of the current subscription model.

Subscription services, not just in gaming but across various media, often rely on subsidies to initially offer lower prices. As these services gain dominance, they tend to raise prices and manipulate content availability, effectively trapping consumers within their ecosystem.

While Sony’s price increase may reflect confidence in the market position of the PS5, it runs the risk of alienating consumers. If consumers reject these higher subscription prices, it could trigger a reevaluation of the viability of the subscription-based business model.

Courtesy of Sony.

As Sony faces a wave of backlash, it becomes evident that the industry may be heading towards an unsustainable future. The response of consumers to these price hikes will be closely monitored, potentially influencing the fate of subscription-based services in the gaming industry.

For many consumers, the rising costs of multiple subscriptions for various services, including streaming, gaming, and entertainment, have led them to reevaluate their spending choices. Budget-conscious individuals are increasingly prioritizing services that offer the most value for their money, making subscription services like PlayStation Plus face intense scrutiny and competition in the market.


PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for Sony’s PlayStation gaming consoles. It offers benefits like online multiplayer gaming, monthly free game downloads, exclusive discounts, cloud game save storage, early game access, and the ability to share gameplay experiences with friends. PlayStation Plus subscribers can choose from various subscription plans to access these features, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

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