Dead by Daylight’s Alien Chapter Brings Xenomorph and Nostromo Wreckage Map

Behaviour Interactive, the development team behind Dead by Daylight, has unveiled its latest chapter, bringing the iconic Alien franchise into the world of the popular horror game. This new addition, known as the Alien Chapter, introduces the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley as playable characters, along with a brand-new map: Nostromo Wreckage.

Fans of the Alien franchise will be thrilled to explore a reimagined version of the legendary spaceship, Nostromo, from Ridley Scott’s classic film. However, this rendition of the Nostromo comes with a dark twist, as it has been warped by The Entity into a nightmarish landscape, blending the familiar with the eerie.

The Nostromo map within Dead by Daylight allows players to traverse its winding hallways, encounter iconic locations like the hypersleep chamber, medbay, and mess hall, all painstakingly recreated with utmost respect for the source material.

Chase Toole, Associate Artistic Director at Behaviour Interactive, emphasized the team’s commitment to honoring the essence of the Alien films while adapting them to fit Dead by Daylight’s gameplay and universe. “We did our best to honor the source material while respecting our gameplay and the universe we have built, which can present some very interesting discussions,” Toole explained. “The art direction team worked hard on keeping the essence of the films intact, but with any video game adaptation, it requires different considerations since we can move around the environment freely. Staging and storytelling were very important in our work with 20th Century Games, and I believe it shows in the finished Map.”

Designing the Nostromo Wreckage Map presented a unique challenge for the development team, as they needed to seamlessly blend the world of Alien with the distinct atmosphere of Dead by Daylight. The result is a map that blurs the lines between reality and nightmares, showcasing The Entity’s ability to use a person’s darkest memories as a canvas for a terrifying playground. Players will discover visual cues indicating where The Entity’s influence manifests, adding depth to the environmental storytelling.

“To enhance the eerie atmosphere, we’ve incorporated visual elements that reference the Xenomorph’s own design,” Toole added. “This creates an unsettling experience while emphasizing The Entity’s malevolence by constructing a Map from the traumatic memories of a severely traumatized space traveler.”

The Nostromo Wreckage Map is now available to all Dead by Daylight players, inviting them to step into the haunting world of Alien. Additionally, the Alien Chapter features the Xenomorph as a new Killer and Ellen Ripley as a new Survivor, offering a fresh and thrilling gaming experience for fans of both Dead by Daylight and the Alien franchise.


Dead by Daylight is an online asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game created by the Canadian studio, Behaviour Interactive. The game revolves around a one-versus-four dynamic, with one player assuming the role of the Killer, while the other four become Survivors. As the Killer, the objective is to capture and impale each Survivor on sacrificial hooks to satisfy a malevolent entity referred to as the Entity. On the other hand, the Survivors must evade capture and collaborate to repair five generators, which, in turn, powers up the exit gates, allowing them to escape.

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