Chucky Comes to Dead by Daylight: A Killer with a Twist

In an exciting development for Dead by Daylight enthusiasts, the infamous killer doll Chucky is making his murderous debut in the game as part of a new chapter set to release on November 28, 2023. This marks a significant addition to Dead by Daylight’s roster, with Chucky being the first killer to utilize a third-person camera, offering players a fresh and thrilling perspective.

Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

Bringing Chucky into The Fog posed a unique challenge due to his diminutive size. The game’s mechanics, centered around killers picking up, carrying, and hooking survivors, initially seemed incompatible with the character. However, the development team’s dedication to the challenge has paid off, and Chucky is now set to terrify players in all his murderous glory.

To capture the essence of the character, Behaviour Interactive was honored to have Brad Dourif, Chucky’s original voice actor, reprise his iconic role and record new lines for the foul-mouthed doll. Players can expect an authentic Chucky experience with the familiar voice that brought the character to life on the big screen.

Customization options abound for players, allowing them to personalize their killer doll with a variety of terrifying outfits. Notably, players can even choose The Good Gal Outfit, inspired by Tiffany Valentine, also known as the Bride of Chucky. Voiced by the legendary Jennifer Tilly, this outfit brings Chucky’s other half to life in the game.

Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

Chucky’s size plays a strategic role in gameplay, turning him into a stealth killer capable of hiding behind short obstacles on the map. His deadly lunging attack allows him to close in on survivors with twisted glee, delivering a chilling experience reminiscent of the Child’s Play movies.

Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

The addition of Chucky introduces a unique gameplay style for Killer players, complete with three character perks. “Hex: Two Can Play” blinds any Survivor attempting to stun or blind the killer, adding a playful yet sinister dimension to the game. “Friends ‘Til The End” exposes the Obsession when a non-Obsession Survivor is hooked, creating opportunities for strategic plays. Finally, “Batteries Included” turns completed Generators into a buff for Chucky, providing a movement speed boost when he enters their vicinity.

The arrival of Chucky in Dead by Daylight is not only a cause for celebration but also a testament to the game’s ongoing commitment to delivering diverse and thrilling content. As players eagerly await November 28, the release date for the Chucky chapter, anticipation is high for the new challenges and scares this iconic killer will bring to The Fog. Prepare for an unforgettable experience as the Good Guy himself becomes the deadliest addition to Dead by Daylight yet.

Here’s the official DBD Chucky trailer!


Dead by Daylight is an online asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game created by the Canadian studio, Behaviour Interactive. The game revolves around a one-versus-four dynamic, with one player assuming the role of the Killer, while the other four become Survivors. As the Killer, the objective is to capture and impale each Survivor on sacrificial hooks to satisfy a malevolent entity referred to as the Entity. On the other hand, the Survivors must evade capture and collaborate to repair five generators, which, in turn, powers up the exit gates, allowing them to escape.

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